Frequently Asked Questions

How does Passlo work?

Passlo works by securely extracting password hashes and attempts to crack them by using billions of password combinations. Once cracked passwords are checked to see if they have been compromised in third-party data breaches and assigned a "risk".

What is Password Risk?

Password risk is based on multiple factors such as how many times the password has been breached, the mathamatical difficulty of cracking the password in online and office scenarios, whether the password expires, how many other users share the same password, whether the user account is enabled, and how many times an incorrect login attempt has occured since the user last logged.

Will Passlo find all passwords?

Typically we find approximently 40% - 60% of passwords are recovered, depending on your securtiy awareness training maturity.

What data does Passlo extract?

Data is extracted locally on the host machine. Passlo securely uploads only the data it needs to function. This includes: a list of users, their groups, encrypted password hashes, last logon time and the domain name. For more information see our commitment to data security.

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